ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner
ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner

ATOMIUM Aprohim Air Conditioner Cleaner | Ventilation cleaner

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ATOMIUM APROHIM Car ventilation and air conditioner cleaner is a tool that destroys infectious contaminants in the car ventilation system: bacteria and fungi. It also contributes to the destruction of influenza viruses immediately after their appearance in the cabin. This eliminates unpleasant odors in the cabin, significantly reduces the risk of infectious diseases. This is described in more detail in the "Effects" tab.

There are some situations where cleaning the ventilation system is especially important:

  • Sharing a car, if it is a company car or a taxi car;
  • Trips with different people in the cabin during the off-season;
  • Regular transportation of children in the car.
  • Disinfection of the ventilation system with a cleaner can be easily carried out independently.
  • It takes no more than 20 minutes.



ATOMIUM APROHIM ventilation system cleaner is a disinfectant spray. The active components of the composition are sprayed in the car interior and, together with the air flow in closed circulation mode, penetrate into all departments of the ventilation system: air ducts, internal cavities of the air conditioner and heater, and so on. 

Thus, the active component gets the opportunity to destroy infectious contaminants - fungi and bacteria - in the most inaccessible places. This provides the following effects from the application of the cleaner


Odors of dampness, rotting, old tobacco smoke appear as a result of the vital activity of bacteria. It is they who secrete those molecules that, when they get to human receptors, give such an impression. The cleaner of the ventilation system kills up to 95% of known bacteria, thereby not drowning out the smell, but eliminating its source itself. 


A variety of bacteria can multiply in the humid and warm parts of the ventilation system. Among them are such dangerous to humans as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli and others. A certain amount of bacteria will get into the air stream, which moves them into the cabin, where they can cause people to get sick in the car.

The disinfectant spray reliably destroys bacteria in all parts of the ventilation system, which significantly reduces the risk of infectious diseases, which is especially important for people with reduced immune resistance. 


The active component of the ventilation cleaner has antiviral properties in relation to some types of viruses, which include the influenza virus. When the car is treated with a cleaner, a thin layer of the active component remains on the interior trim, on the surface of the air filter. If a person infected with the flu sneezes in the car, the vast majority of viruses released in the airborne mixture will be neutralized almost immediately. This reduces the risk of other passengers getting the flu. This is especially true during the off-season. 


The ventilation system cleaner has fungicidal (antifungal) properties. In particular, it destroys various varieties of mold, which is also a fungus. This reduces the risk of fungal spores being transferred to clothing and into the body of car passengers and their further spread. 


The cleaner contains essential eucalyptus oil. It is a bactericidal substance in itself. In addition, it gives the air a fresh smell of eucalyptus, which is clearly felt in the first few days. The cleaner is not an air freshener and therefore does not promise that this smell will persist steadily, but the feeling of freshness will be a pleasant bonus immediately after processing. In the future, clean air can be given any flavor of your choice with the help of air flavors, available in abundance in stores, including with the help of ATOMIUM APROHIM flavors. 


The cleaner does not require any special skills and abilities. It is enough to turn on the internal air circulation, adjust the ventilation according to the instructions in the instructions for use, and spray the product in an empty car interior. The whole procedure takes no more than 20 minutes, including ventilation.

Detailed instructions and necessary warnings are detailed in the insert, in the packaging of the goods.


During the processing of the ventilation system, the active components of the purifier get into the most remote corners of the air ducts, air conditioner, destroying the bacteria accumulated in the places of contamination.

The active substance remains also not in the air filter cells, on the surfaces in the car interior. At the same time, it retains its activity and continues to kill bacteria and viruses in the air stream for several weeks.




The car interior ventilation cleaner eliminates bacteria and fungi from all parts of the ventilation system, including air conditioning and heater. The cleaner is designed for self-use, does not require special knowledge, skills or tools.

One cylinder of the composition is enough to process the interior of any passenger car. When processing the interiors of minibuses, it is recommended to apply two bottles of cleaner sequentially.

Important! If you plan to replace the cabin air filter, do it before using the ventilation cleaner. In this case, the active component of the composition will settle on the new air filter and will actively prevent the occurrence of infectious contaminants. 

Before using the product, make sure that the container with the product is warm, its temperature should be in the range from +8 C to +28 C. It is necessary to handle the car outdoors. 

Before disinfection and deodorization of the ventilation system, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the car interior.

The ventilation system is processed according to the following procedure:

1. Start the car engine.

2. Adjust the operation of the ventilation system.

  • Set the air recirculation mode in the car interior.
  • Turn on the air conditioner (to clean the air conditioning system) or set the minimum heating mode (to clean the heating system). If there is climate control, switch it to manual mode.
  • Set the minimum air flow rate.
  • Direct the air flow through the air ducts of the dashboard and make sure that the ventilation flaps are open.
  • Make sure that all windows in the car are closed.

3. Prepare the ventilation cleaner for use:

  • Shake the cleaner bottle.
  • Install the balloon between the front and rear seats, in the middle. The cleaner box can be used as a cylinder holder when installing it in the car interior. For this purpose, a special bursting perforation is provided on the box.
  • Close all doors except the one through which you are manipulating the cleaner. 

4. Start the action of the cleaner:

  • Press the atomizer button hard until it clicks, the spray will start spraying the product from the balloon upwards.
  • Attention: do not bend over the balloon! Do not direct the spray jet in the face! Do not inhale the sprayed product!
  • Get out of the car, slam the door and wait 10 minutes.

5. Air the car:

  • At the end of the spray, open all the doors of the car for 5 minutes. Do not enter the salon!
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Let the cabin air out with the doors open for another 5-10 minutes.


  • FLAMMABLE! Protect from direct sunlight and heat. Do not spray near open flames and incandescent objects.
  • The cylinder is under pressure!
  • Do not disassemble and do not give to children.
  • Do not allow the product to get on the skin, in the eyes, in the respiratory system. Do not bend over the balloon when pressing the spray button.
  • Car treatment should be carried out only outdoors (outdoors) using no more than one cylinder of cleaner for one car.
  • At service stations, the processing of vehicles should be carried out in conditions of sufficient supply and exhaust ventilation when working with solvents, paints and alcohols.


  • Do not open or burn the cylinder even after use.
  • After use and expiration date, the product is disposed of as household waste.
  • Give a fully used cylinder for recycling.


  • If precautions are not followed, signs of irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory organs may appear.
  • If irritation of the upper respiratory tract occurs, it is necessary to go out into the fresh air or into a ventilated room and drink warm milk with baking soda (1 teaspoon per glass of milk).
  • If the product gets into the eyes, immediately rinse them under a stream of warm water for 10-15 minutes. If necessary, consult a doctor. If the product gets on the skin, wash it off with water.